With the Strip Ticket Presale for the 2024 MLB London Series between the New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies opening up on the 22nd of November, the only information on ticket pricing I can find is that the cheapest face-value adult ticket will be £39, which is down from last year (£54).

Here is some history:

Each year, MLB has tinkered with the Categories, most notably last year when Cat 7 was split up, Cat 8 joined the remainder of Cat 7, Cat 9 became Cat 8, and Cat 10 became Cat 9. Perhaps the reduction in the price of the Cheapest Adult ticket means we will be back up to eleven pricing Categories, including Premium.

2019 sold out very quickly, as it turned out, mainly to touts who got burnt. In 2020, prices went up for most seats, probably due to selling out in 2019; however, the touts didn’t buy, but in 2020, there were a lot of unsold seats.

As we know, the game was cancelled in 2022, so when 2023 came about, the higher categories either stayed the same or came down in price, and there were still some unsold seats, so that will likely mean that prices will not go up.

Whilst the adverts suggest that the best seats are released in the pre-sale, I fear that the best seats in each category are held back as the people committed to going will buy anything on the first day of sales.

It also says that the Strip tickets are only available in the presale, which suggests you only get one shot if you want to be in the same seat for both games.

Previous MLB London Series Pricing:

2019 2020 2023
Premuim £385 £385 £385
Cat 1 £320 £320 £295
Cat 1 Restricted £310
Cat 2 £270 £275 £220
Cat 3 £220 £225 £187
Cat 4 £170 £175 £145
Cat 5 £145 £148 £123
Cat 5 Restricted £113
Cat 6 £120 £123 £98
Cat 7 £80 £85 £83
Cat 8 £60 £65 £67
Cat 9 £45 £45 £54
Cat 10 £30 £30

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