Indianapolis Colts will play the New England Patriots on November 12th, 2023, at the Frankfurt Stadium in Germany.

With the 2022 game in Munich selling out very quickly after being vastly oversubscribed during the ticket sales phase and the 1st 2023 game in Frankfurt selling out very quickly, many fans turned to the secondary market to try and source tickets for the game.

With the ticket sales window for this game opening on the 11th of July, I anticipate many fans will be equally disappointed today and will again turn to the secondary market.

So far, the US teams involved have had a chance to purchase the Season Ticket allocation. Hospitality tickets have also been sold, appearing on various secondary market sites.

Some of the most popular questions from fans without tickets are: When to buy? Do the tickets go up or down in price nearer to game day? Can I trust the site?

Starting on general ticket sales day, I will monitor the main secondary sales sites and record the lowest price periodically.

I will quote all the prices as advertised plus fees; please check out my article on Buying Tickets for US Sports Games, which shows how fees vary on the various ticket-buying sites.

Time for another update – 20th of October 2023:

There has been a significant drop in prices in recent weeks, which I can only guess as to why, possibly, both teams are not doing so well.

This page isn’t a real time price index for the different sites; its a snapshot of a particular time to record how the prices fluctuate from ticket release to game day and then will give an idea on when is the optimum time to purchase your secondary market ticket.

To get a real time price, click on the links above and they will open a new window on your browser on the page for the game and you can then just check between your browser pages.

Here are the selling prices on the different sites as of the 28th of August.

Here are the selling prices on the different sites as of the 11th of August.

Now that the initial 1st day of sale fluctuations have settled down, the prices visible on the 12th of July are:

Prior to the general sales window opening on the 11th of July 2023, tickets were available:

  • Seat Geek – No tickets Advertised
  • StubHub International – No Tickets Advertised
  • StubHub USA – £350 plus fees
  • Ticketmaster – No tickets Advertised
  • Viagogo – £469 plus fees
  • Vivid Seats – £330 plus fees

Looking at the sites after the 1st Frankfurt game went on sale, there were some cheaper ones to be had, especially on the StubHub USA site.

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