The NFC and AFC Champions are now known. Kansas City Chiefs will play the San Francisco 49ers on February 11th in the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.

Now starts the Super Bowl ticket price watchfest!

Tickets are distributed throughout the NFL; the largest quantity is distributed among fans of the two participating teams. So until those tickets have been allocated, those who were successful in their club’s draw but would rather sell them would not have placed them on the resale sites yet.

The NFL distributes the next largest allocation via their official hospitality Provider, OnLocation. Unsurprisingly, all the tickets purchased via OnLocation come with an Add-on, like pregame hospitality and/or hotels, so they are sold well above the Face Value of the ticket.

I bought tickets via them for the Super Bowl in Atlanta, and when we went to the hospitality area opposite the stadium, the queue to get in must have been half a mile long; it seemed half the stadium had been sold Hospitality!!

After that, the hosting team and the remaining non-participating teams get an allocation. Front office, players and sponsors will get first dibs, and some teams will hold a ballot of season ticket holders for the remainder.

It will not be surprising that many tickets find their way onto the usual Ticket Reseller sites. I have put the cheapest ticket price available when I searched on 06 Feb 2024 (Click on the links below to go to the sites):

Seat Geek – $5839 + $1943 fees = $7782
StubHub International – $6695 + $1208 fees = $7903
StubHub USA – $5250 + $2204 fees = $7454
Ticketmaster – $6250 + $1328 fees = $7578
Viagogo – $5691 + $1998 fees = $7689
Vivid Seats – $5320 + $1868 fees = $7188

One tip I recommend is if you want to secure a ticket, as the reseller site fees are percentage-based. As you can see, the fees are also very high, so in your ticket-buying platform, put a ticket in the basket and leave it there. You may get a call with a discount on the fees. Ticket sellers will sell on multiple sites, so the sites would cut fees to make a sale rather than nothing.

I will be in Vegas for Super Bowl weekend, but prices will be out of my budget so that a watch party will be my destination, there are plenty and the price range is varied as well as whats offered. Due to the NFL trademark, the venues have “Big Game Watch Parties” instead of Super Bowl Watch Parties.

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