One of the best things about a multi-event sports trip is the planning.

I was old school, with a folder for each sport containing a printout of each team’s schedule that I would spread out in front, flicking from one to the other and making copious notes to get the maximum number of games in the shortest time.

I have also used the online schedules. However, you had to be wary of the dates/times being correct, as sometimes they would show as UK dates/times, which can cause you to start over once you realise. Also, I would have multiple tabs open between the different teams and sports.

I then put all the schedules into an Excel document and used filters to see what games I could group, and this has proved to be the best use of my time when planning a trip.

I created the Excel document because I couldn’t find an online site covering the five Major League sports I like attending.

So, I decided to add one to my site.

North American Major League Sports Calendar

As schedules are released, I will add them within a few days.

The games can be filtered by inclusive dates, City, League and Home Team.

I envisage its use as helpful to fans who are planning a multi-sport sports trip or to someone who is visiting North America and wants to check what sports are on while they are there.

I hope you find it helpful. Any feedback via the Contact Us page will be greatly appreciated.

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